Is it bad that I look up pictures of really pretty/skinny people just to make myself feel like shit? lololol.


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Could everyone take a second to read this? 
You make me the happiest I have been. I don’t even care if I’m young. I envision a life together. I picture the home we talked about. You know, the one with the wrap around porch? I picture you being the guy who asks me to marry him by putting the ring in a Pizza Hut box. I picture waking up next to you every single morning, just seeing you drool and hearing you talk in your sleep. And I get so damn excited for these fucking little things because I am crazy about you and I can’t picture wanting to share these experiences with anyone but you. You are the other part of me that always felt like it was missing.
 * That being said, I just want to point out that sometimes as people, we feel obligated for others to always post/say nice things about us. That if they don’t, they don’t “love” us, and then we feel under appreciated and blah blah blah. So my point is that it’s totally cool and awesome to post nice things about your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee/husband/wife/BDSM partner/etc., and that you don’t always have to wait for something nice in return! The satisfaction of making someone feel special is the best thing you can ask for. 

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